What is ocurring

Spain lives about 150 000 Divorce procedures a year, 300 happen daily.
Over 80 000 Minors are strained by this situation.
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid , in a recent inquiry stated that 32%of the Minors felt Parent Abuse.
Statistics say there will be growth in the matter.
Divorce is more frecuent in actual society, and at times shows it’s utmost Rawness during Legal Confrontation.
Legal regulations in Divorce Procure protect the Minor, but mainly at the end of the list……
Feed Pension, Home, and for last The Child.
The problem is not such the parental separation, , but the conflicts that arouse and place the Child in the situation of having to choose one or the other side.
Children who find themselves in this conflict ,suffer imediate disorder:
Feelings of Abandonment, Rejection, Distrust, ILL Feeling and insecurity , which in Adulthood will lead to Personality Disorder:
Depression, Frustration, Suicide….
At best, Coercion and Manipulation will be part of their lives , these in the long run, make them Mistreat their own family in the exercise of Authority.
Court and Social Service Teams warn about this.
The great delays in judicial process , lengthen the prosecution, therefore the Child is found in Maturity age without having been protected during the Divorce period.
During this long Judicial period the Minor loses relationship with one of the Parents and their Family Members, who are forced to wait till the future makes the Minor realize
what happened in that stage of life.