Social work

The social work of Filia Foundation, is based on awareness and prevention of risk situations, given to the minor affected by a family breakdown.
This great challenge our foundation is included in “The Convention of Child Rights” the most ratified treaty of human rights in the world, approved by the Assembly of the United Nations in 1989. This affirms the special need of care and legal protection of a child due to their vulnerability.
From Filia we make a special call to the bodies of justice, and demand objectivity, impartiality and legal certainty in protections of children
Consequently we try to strengthen:
the most Prior Interest of Minor Age.
Keeping links between the child and family environment in an extensive manner.
We must prevent harmful and toxic situations, and therefore permit appropriate personal growth and development.
Raising social awareness is possible for the helplessness and abandoned minor.
We must promote participation and solidarity.
My hope is that Filia can provide and reflect moral wisdom, courage, common sense, making visible the abuse that is hidden so that children can develop in a healthy environment. In doing this we can help them avoid the detrimental effects that they can carry throughout their lives.
We cannot allow our children´s abuse to remained silenced. Indifference to abuse cannot be tolerated.
The consistent absence of unfortunate stories of children´s abuse as the norm , will be the demonstration of our success, the harmony in child’s psychological health depends on this.
Lucia del Prado
President of the Foundation for The Protection of the Minor